Fighting For The Climate With The Nature Conservancy

Safeguarding the earth can be best achieved by conserving our climate, non-profit organizations are fighting day and night & are standing up for our planet. Safeguarding the earth means, promoting ecological life and climate is what we human species thrives upon.

The Nature Conservancy is one such charitable organization that stands for the environment. The environmental organization aims to conserve the water & lands on which the human life depends. Fight against the climate change involves pragmatic solutions, The Nature Conservancy is breaking the stereotypes with the same. With its special focus on conserving Climate, Oceans, and water, the environmental organization is operational in 69 countries around the world including all of the 50 states of USA. When it comes to members, just like Amnesty International, The Nature Conservancy has more than 1 million active members.

The non-profit environmental organization has protected over 48000k hectares of land. When it comes to saving rivers worldwide, the organization has revamped thousands of miles of the same.


Plant a Billion trees Project

The revolutionary “Plant a Billion trees” project of the organization was a great move to restore over 2500k acres of land. The environmental organization aims at planning over 1 billion trees by the year 2025 in Brazil. You might donate a dollar & get a tree planted in Atlantic Forest. The project also aims to protect ten most critical of the watersheds in the Atlantic forest.

The fresh Green Heart Project

The fresh “Green Heart” project is also running on a booming scale, the project aims to form a blend of conservationists, community organizers & public health researchers for the purpose of testing the effectiveness of urban trees. The project orients on checking the capability of the trees, whether they are efficient enough to clean the air and provide a healthy environment to the people or not?

It would be wise to say that each one of us holds the potential to make changes in our lives, together, hand in hand, we all can change the world. The Nature Conservancy is connecting people from all around the world, the organization can help diversifying the perspectives, the same can help communities as well as individuals to move shoulder to shoulder.

Without destroying the ecosystem, progress can be obtained. An array of non-profit organizations is working for the climate, but it can be said that every organization has their segment in which only they can make a difference. Donating money to non-profit organizations can provide you with the best noble bang for your buck.

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