Know About Non-Profit Organizations And Their Projects

It would be true to say that majority of Organizations are started with the purpose of making real money. But what comes as a great fact is that, there are more than 1.48 million organizations in the US alone that aim to raise money, not for the purpose of making the profit, but to respect the humanitarian goals of the organization.

In this article, we’ll talk about varies organizations around the world that are making a difference out there.

Ryan’s Well

In the year 2001, a six-year-old boy named Ryan realized the importance of clean water on the health of people. The boy raised over $2000 USD for a well to be constructed at a primary school in Africa by just doing household chores. The Ryan’s Well organization actively provides people with the access to clean water around the Africa. The organization also aims to provide better sanitation facilities to the most backward regions of the developing countries. Some of the prominent projects are 2017 School Challenge project in Kenya, a maternity clinic for 6 villages in Ghana and much more.

Akshaya Patra Foundation

The non-profit organization is in India; Akshaya Patra provides free food to the school going children in more than 12 states of India at 33 locations. The organization feeds more than 1.6 million kids every day in over 14000 schools. The main aim of the foundation is to eradicate the hunger from the country and promote primary education with the active projects like SarvaShikshaAbhiyan, Mid-Day Meal Scheme and more. The other prime agendas of the non-profit organizations are increasing the school enrollment, addressing malnutrition in children, women empowerment & bridging gap amidst castes.

Clean The World

Highly acclaimed for the practice of collecting discarded soap & shampoos from the hotels, Clean the World sanitizes them so that soaps, as well as shampoos, can be re-distributed amidst the poor to improve their hygiene. The action of the organization reduced the hygiene-related death rate in the developing countries around the world. The organization had distributed over 20 million soaps in the year 2015 to deprived individuals in around 96 countries. It is a win-win for both the organization and community, the action of the organization reduced the solid waste dumping in the United States. Founded in 2009, the Clean the World organization is doing their best to avoid the deaths of children around the world.

St. Bernard Project

A couple founded the St. Bernard Project SBP for the purpose of building back the 27,000 destroyed houses in St. Bernard Parish, over 67,000 people became lose their homes. The duo took up the work in their hands and established SBP, till date they have successfully built over 312 homes. The organization has around 200 and counting volunteers from around the globe. The organization also created several mental and health clinics to help local residents deal with trauma due to the disaster caused by hurricane Katrina.

It can be said that if the outcome you desire is not clearly defined then there is a lack of focus. Non-Profit organizations are always required to be at their tips for the purpose of addressing the problems and making the world a better place. Responding to aspects like disaster, poverty, injustice demands novelty in the action & a strong vision. Non-Profit Organizations are working to save malnourished children around the world, elimination hunger can be the prime goal of most of them. There is an array of non-profit groups addressing hundreds of challenges around the world.

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