Volunteering And Traveling, A Growing Tendency

“Volunteering” is the name that most specialized media gave to this growing tendency of travelling the world while experiencing other cultures and helping noble causes. As a growing tendency, it is also creating its own space in the world with apps, websites and physical locations dedicated entirely to fostering this win-win situation. Read on and find out why, how and where are the new nomads going to fulfill their dreams of helping, travelling, learning and experiencing other cultures without the tourism industry in the middle.

Fulfilling The Dream

It is a generational change, a shift in the mentality of upcoming grown-ups that separates them from the older formulas that their parents and their grandparents used to be “happy in life” or “fulfilled”. Most youngsters and young adults shifted their priorities and have gone from “stability”, “financial success” and “comfort” to “happiness”, “traveling” and “self-development”. This change is so deep inside their minds and hearts that most of them perform activities abroad they would never do at home. This is the beginning of the volunteering culture; experiencing other tasks and learning how to live in a better, more sustainable world.

Young Nomads

Since the fall of stability as a main value in people´s lives, the reasons to stay in one place are slowly losing power. Also, the tools that internet gave to people demolished barriers and made the old dream of working and traveling easier than ever. This combination of technologic improvements and boundaries erasure made the world the perfect scenario for a young man or woman to turn into a nomad and still have an income and a steady job. Most youngsters are turning into nomads, digital nomads and deciding where they want to live to spend less and enjoy more. For example, for people raised in big cities, moving to Bali and surfing the entire afternoon after completing the morning work is a dream come true.

LilHumpers – An Inspiration

LilHumpers - Pursuing The Dreams

LilHumpers – Pursuing The Dreams

Young folks take a lot of inspiration to travel from digital goods. But what about their own pleasure after they are done helping the society? Let’s take a look at LilHumpers as an example of youth fulfilling their sexual dreams. This time it’s young guys who have to please their MILF partners – actually it’s the biggest female names in the industry these days. Can they manage to do it? Is their youth and sexual stamina high enough? Good questions and answers are right here.

The Gap Year

According to recent studies and surveys done in some of the biggest universities in the world, more freshmen are opting out for a gap year so they can see the world before “real life” starts. The generational leap in this sense is so big that most young adults believe that experiencing new cultures is a central part of their life education. This shift breaks the paradigm of formal education (college, universities, etc…) and opens up new options when it comes to choosing one´s future. According to one of the latest studies on travel and philanthropy, millennials are among the most generous generations in history. When asked about their last trips by the WYSE, 81% of them volunteered while travelling in the last two years.

The Reasons Why

The current generation is helping to redefine the world´s main categories and definitions moving money to the second or third place of importance whilst for previous generations it was always number one. according to The American Freshman in 2015, the category “helping others in difficulty” came out as “very important” and “essential” for as much as three quarters of the surveyed people. This is another reason behind the boom of the voluntouring phenomenon because it gives those who go for it a sense of fulfillment that luxury holidays can´t.

Dedicated Websites

As the number of nomads wanting to volunteer increases, the options available for them increase too. These are some of the most recommended websites to have a fulfilling experience.


This is definitely the most famous of all the nomad websites with more than 24,000 volunteering spots to choose from.


This is kind of the Linkedin of the work and travel sites because you get a review for every place you volunteer at.


This is more of a professional-oriented website that matches experts with needs in what they call “experteering”. If you have an expert skill, this is the place to be.


The world as we know it is continuously changing and so is the people living in it. Volunteering might be the answer to a better world. If more people join the volunteering movement and the world population becomes more centered in happiness and less in money, there is a chance of a real structural change in years to come.

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